Feminists or feminazis?

Mein Senf: Die Krise der Männer offenbart ihr reaktionäres Macho-Denken.

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The awesome website Feminist Frequency recently published a video about The Straw Feminist ie all these clichés that are spread in the media, films, TV shows… that represent feminists as a group of angry, irrational and stubborn women on a war against men in order to exagerate and make them look ridiculous.

Think about it, how many times did you see the supposedly “feminist character” in a film or a show? The completely irrational women with stupid revindications.

In this video, Anita Sarkeesian talks about different TV shows that actually talk about current gender issues but that usually discard a rational outcome because what’s actually worse than being a woman in our society, is being a feminist.

The result is that many young women are in favor of equal rights but they don’t consider themselves feminists because they want to avoid this social caricaturisation of feminism.

So according to the media, I can’t be a feminist, I can only be anti-feminist or “feminazi“. I’ve actually encountered myself with this phenomenon with people who are unconsciously victims of this cliché: for example in some articles they’ve referred to me as “Erika Lust: THE ULTRA feminist”. What does that mean? Can’t I be a regular woman fighting for my rights? Do I have to be categorised as an irrational woman who fights for unimportant issues?

Über lucia

Anarchistische Feministin: Ein gleichberechtigtes menschenwürdiges Leben in Freiheit, ist für mich nur dann möglich, wenn es nichts mehr gibt, das über andere bestimmen kann.
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  1. Piratenweib schreibt:

    I would say: Time to reclaim the word „feminist“ for us. Why let the antifeminists take over our language? For me it’s absolutely irrelevant what antifeminists think.

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